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NZES are here to help. Often the biggest savings start with the simplest of steps. We are a CEP accredited IESO provider and can provide services such as the following:

Steam Trap Testing

By implementing a regular steam trap testing process, problems are identified earlier, which will in turn reduce energy wastage and unnecessary downtime due to non-performing steam traps. Thus, steam trap testing is a key tool of preventive maintenance as it is useful for early identification of steam trap issues. A steam trap test will firstly start with a survey, where professionals examine the steam traps within a larger steam system, including the current operating conditions and environment. It’s an important part of the process before any trap tests begin. This creates a record of all steam traps.

Once the team assess the current number of steam traps and their various operating states or conditions, experts can test each individual steam traps and recommend the necessary course of action.

Boiler Tuning

Ongoing boiler tuning is the process of optimising the efficiency of a boiler house – the boiler and boiler system – by improving the overall system reliability through combustion tuning and various other methods. With such a large price tag, it’s understandable that a lot of businesses will often buy a boiler and expect it to run, but over time these essential components change in performance. A boiler tuning program is a key tool for a business looking to achieve energy savings and efficiency in their hot water or steam system.


We’re here to help and want to work with you towards optimising the operation of your boiler – and thereby maximising your business profits. Get in touch with us to learn more about our ongoing boiler tuning program and the benefits to your company.

There are many benefits to ongoing boiler tuning, such as:

● Energy savings and a subsequent reduction in operation costs.
● Identification of fuel wastage and areas to improve hot water and steam system efficiency.
● CO2 reduction and the maintaining of a minimum threshold.
● Encouragement of preventive maintenance applications within a boiler system
● Implementation of a quality management system.

Compressed air leak detection

New Zealand Energy Systems can detect leaks and analyse your energy consumption. We will provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report and recommend the right solution for your system and save you money.

Frequently, fixing leaks is as simple as tightening a loose connector. New Zealand Energy Systems have experienced technicians for ultrasonic air leak detection, who can not only detect the leaks but can also provide on the spot repairs if required. 

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A steam or hot water boiler can be a crucial element of any business – and all systems will benefit from regular surveys and boiler maintenance.

If you want to not only meet your legal obligations, but also ensure that your industrial  boiler is running at optimum efficiency, reach out to the team at NZ Energy Systems today, because we can help.

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