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Our key advantage is that we can provide both the consultancy as well as the practical side of things. We mainly focus on process heat but can also provide technical advise for the entire energy system. We enjoy working with clients to get practical results.

At NZ Energy Systems, we are passionate about the use of sustainable, energy efficient systems, while also ensuring that we bring energy systems up to modern standards. We enjoy working with businesses on their quest for continuous improvements. We make it our goal to help our clients to sustainably improve their energy systems. This extends right through the technologies we use, and the processes set in place to optimise your energy savings and reduce you overall carbon footprint.

We welcome all enquiries whether large or small and if you choose to partner with us, we will do our utmost to accomplish your vision by working with you to create a custom solution tailored to your companies’ specific needs.  We are committed to providing ongoing support and advise for all our new and existing clients.

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Carbon reduction and energy savings

New Zealand Energy Systems are here to help. Energy efficiency means doing more for less. Are you looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly which will reduce your carbon footprint? Let the team at NZES work with you to effectively reduce your energy usage.

Servicing and project management

Energy projects can be difficult to manage. Our service team is experienced and is up to date with industry standards. Every job will be assessed to ensure the best outcome to suit your specific needs. Our team has years of experience, enabling us to easily and effectively manage all types of Energy related projects.

Energy systems process optimisation

Often it’s the little things that can make the largest difference. Optimising the existing system you have onsite may be the best step forward. Taking the time to understand the process demands and areas of concerns/wastage can allow for specific plans to be put in place that will eventually yield a large return.

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

Not only do our electric boilers have zero emissions, but they also require lower capital investment.