custom projects


We are happy to work with you on your custom project to ensure that you achieve your energy goals; whether it’s the installation of steam equipment or even carrying out a feasibility study on heat recovery projects.

This adaptability is important – as no two steam systems are the same, Our capability to customise a project to your very requirements ensures that you get your intended target, at a reasonable rate.


We have experience across the full range of heating and energy savings projects. Over the past few decades, our team has experience in installing new boilers, carried out innumerable feasibility studies and even branched out into other relevant fields when necessary.

Here are just three of the areas where we can customise our services to fit exactly what you need.

Project Management

Energy projects can be difficult to manage, especially if you lack the skills, qualifications and experience. We’ve got a team of professionals with industry training enabling us to easily and effectively manage all types of project.

Feasibility Studies

If you’re planning a significant heating system or boiler upgrade, then you’ll need to know how it will impact the business, as well as the likely costs involved. We can conduct feasibility studies to assess the effects of a custom project before you devote funding to it.

onsite installations

On site steam system installations are where the true value of customised services come into play. With our team of professionals on site throughout the installation, there’s little chance of running into a significant roadblock. What’s more, our team can identify and resolve minor issues before they develop into more serious problems.

get in touch

With our ability to work with you to install or maintain steam or energy systems, there’s one less issue to worry about. We’re here to help, and want to work with you to bring your steam and hot water systems up to standard. After all, this is one area of business where it’s easy to drive cost improvements with simple changes.

Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more about reducing energy usage through custom projects and the introduction of powerful, simple new technologies.

Design, Build and Install

You may know what you want but may not know how to get there. Let our team of experts’ design, build and install the system for you. Taking all the hassle away. We will work with you to ensure that the projects are to your specification, on time and on budget.