Boiler Survey


A boiler survey is essential to ensure that the boiler system complies with all appropriate regulations. We at NZ Energy Systems work with you and your preferred boiler inspector to make sure everything is up to standard.


Depending on what kind of commercial process heat system you have, there may be a number of requirements you will need to fulfil in accordance with the New Zealand Boiler Code.

If you’re running a steam boiler in your commercial operation, then you’re required by law to undertake a yearly site survey to assess the need for boiler maintenance.If you’re running a hot water boiler, while not required by law, NZ Energy Systems recommends you still carry out a survey once a year.

This is good preventative maintenance for your commercial steam or hot water system, crucial to ensuring the longevity of a valuable company asset.

What are the benefits of a boiler survey?

Most importantly, a boiler survey satisfies the requirements of the law and promotes the efficient operation of a steam or hot water system.

Through a boiler survey, we at NZ Energy Systems can identify any potential areas of concern within the boiler house, and make appropriate suggestions to ensure:

  • Maximum boiler efficiency and reliability.
  • Optimised lifespan of the boiler system.
  • Reduced business costs by identifying saving areas.
  • Correction of any boiler system issues.

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A steam or hot water boiler can be a crucial element of any business – and all systems will benefit from regular surveys and boiler maintenance.

If you want to not only meet your legal obligations, but also ensure that your industrial  boiler is running at optimum efficiency, reach out to the team at NZ Energy Systems today, because we can help.

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

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